What does “Rostrum” mean?

Rostrum is a latin word defined by the Merrium Webster dictionary as a) an ancient Roman platform for public orators, b) a stage for public speaking, or c) a raised platform on a stage. We use this as the name of our software and company to emphasize the importance of showcasing your important event. Our software services allow you to focus on your event and shine a brighter spotlight on the content and the reason for holding the event instead of micromanaging repetitive logistics.

Why should I use Rostrum?

Rostrum is a software based online (commonly referred to as the ‘cloud’) which is accessable anywhere you have an internet connection. The software package is designed by a team that has planned and executed numerous events in the aerospace industry. The three key benefits of Rostrum are that it is integrated, automated, and customizable.

I have a process that works, why would I change it?

Rostrum is an extensive tool developed by event planners and organizers to save time. The founding team was frustrated by too many spreadsheets, too many teleconferences, too many emails, and too many errors in organizing an event. The tool that was developed allows for easy delegation, tracking of progress, reductions in repetitive data entry and most importantly provides a dynamic online presence for your event.

What are the benefits of having an online event management and registration tool?

Rostrum is an online tool that allows you to publish information to the public, securely handle online registration, and integrate social media into your event promotion. The benefits of this online access include increased registration, awareness, engagement, and customer satisfaction.

How is my information secured and who has access to it?

Information is secured using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption. The security of all data and transactions are further discussed on our data security page. Bottom line, Rostrum uses the latest digital security measures to protect your information and only a very small subset of Rostrum employees have access to this data.

Is my information backed-up?

Yes, all information in the database (and associated code/configuration files) is saved hourly with a complete revision history. All other files (such as media) are saved daily with snapshots available at various recent points.

Do I own and have access to the data that is input into the software?

Yes, your data belongs to you. When signing up for Rostrum, this ownership is clearly articulated in your user licensing agreement. You have full access to archive any and all data input into the Rostrum software system and most data can be exported to meet your desired format.

How are online payments processed?

Online payment processing can currently connect to PayPal and Authorize.net to provide secure and reliable payment processing. If you use another system Rostrum can connect to any payment processing system with a secure Application Programming Interface (API) available.

When do I have access to the money paid for registrations?

Unlike other online registration options, Rostrum believes you deserve to have access to your money as soon as it is processed. Thus payments made through the embedded payment processing tools are immediately transferred into your selected bank account. Rostrum software and training streamlines this process. When a registrant pays to attend your event we believe you should receive the money immediately and without delay.

How do I access the software? Does it need to be loaded onto my computer? What about other members of my team?

All access to Rostrum is done online. All members of the conference/event team will have individual log-in credentials. Unlike some other conference/event management programs available, Rostrum believes that the utility of our program is maximized when everyone has access to information they need. For this reason we do NOT charge per user and instead give you the opportunity to involve your entire team in the process with varying levels of access and permissions. Permissions are handled by the administrator of the account. The software is loaded on our secure servers and nothing needs to be loaded on your computer, tablet, or mobile device - all you need is a web browser.

Is all the information included in the software accessible to the public?

The only information that is available to the public is information which you specifically identify as being public information. These select pieces of information are then pushed automatically to the public facing website and can be changed, updated, or removed, at any time by any user with the required permissions.

How does Rostrum save me time when I use it for multiple events?

Rostrum software solutions are easily and quickly able to replicate structure and information for future events. This will save you the time of re-creating everything if you hold multiple events with the same format or data.

How does Rostrum improve my event when I am working with a team of others?

Setting up multiple users with Rostrum is easy and this allows multiple people to work on tasks, programming, and organization at the same time. Information created by one user is accessible and available immediately to any other user with sufficient permission to view the content. This functionality can even be extended to provide limited access for moderators, session chairs, or meeting leads in such a way that the only information available is the information regarding their specific event. Rostrum was developed by a distributed team that frequently planned events spanning multiple days with dozens of volunteers and for this reason has extensive functionality built specifically for delegating responsibilities to a distributed team.

How is this software supported if I have a problem?

Rostrum software is supported by our team of developers located between California and Colorado in the United States. Our team is accessible to support problems via electronic communications and has a well established help system that will ensure your issues are addressed as quickly as possible. When needed our support team can set-up interactive online sessions to address issues that you might encounter.

How do I pay for Rostrum software?

Generally Rostrum is paid for with an initial set-up fee and a per-registrant fee due at the completion of your event. As event planners ourselves, Rostrum understands that many events are different and will work with you to customize the payment structure that fits your unique situation as needed.

Can I get a live demo of the software?

YES! Please contact us to schedule a live demo if you are interested in possibly using Rostrum for an upcoming event or series of events.

Can Rostrum be customized to fit my branding?

Yes - all of the website, communications, and access points are customizable to fit your branding requirements.

Can my legacy data be loaded into Rostrum for reference?

Yes - all of your data from prior events or spreadsheets in some form of delimited format (most commonly .csv) can be loaded into our database. We will work with you to facilitate this transfer as needed.

What if I have a very specific need or requirement that deviates from what you offer?

Please contact us if you have specific needs or requirements. Our team enjoys creating new functionality and would be happy to discuss options that are tailored specifically for your needs.